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Friday, 8 February 2008

hi been a bit of a week

hi there
thanks for everyone that has got back to me about the SBS11 hopefully i will be in, as apparently someone has 2 enteries but the same blog and nobody seems to mind a no.21 anyway

haven't made anything much this week, heads been all over the place had some problems with mom she has found a breast lump so we are on the fast track to all the tests next week but the waiting for the tests and results is doing my head in i will be better when i know what we are dealing with so fingers crossed that we are jumping the gun and it's just a silly cyst
the fact that there is breast cancer in our family several close rellies mom's mom and her aunty and some others down the line doesn't make me feel any more confident but trying to stay possitive
anyway i have just started a little book today for william (he is our little adopted nephew)he is one at the end of the month so it will be something to get absorbed in over the weekend
that's the wonderful thing about crafting it does help when things are not going so well

i have added my mp3 player (with u2 of course) but that's drove me potty as some of the links work and some don't so couldn't load all my favourites so have just put a few on for now
BAD is my all time favourite it's and old one but just love it

so being as i haven't made anything i haven't got any thing to show you today but will have soon when i get cracking have a huge list of things to make loads of birthdays coming up and mother's day etc so better shake my feathers
mind you i suppose i could have took a pic of the craft room floor as i spent over an hour sorting out my eyelets and brads as dropped the draw on the floor and they all mixed up wasn't a happy bunny but they are done now
i've started cutting out the book for william on the cricut used box board as it cuts that really well then i will cover each page with paper on the inside and have some lovely bazzil bling in blue for the cover
i think i am going to make a page for every letter of his name and do an animal theme for each letter so we will see how it goes might use zooballoo and animal kingdom

well i think that it really as i say been a bit of an odd week thrown us all a bit off balance so i need you all to keep your fingers crossed for mom
you know the ironic thing is our son ian who suffers from Asperger syndrome has organised some of his mates some who have AS too to raise money for breast cancer care they are all dressing up as women of the night if you get my drift they have got wigs and skirts and boots and high heeled shoes etc it's going to be such a laugh that's on the 23 feb they are getting sponsored to dress up and they are doing karaoke too we have hired the village hall for them to do it and we will all go up and support them .will post some pics when they have done it they look hilarious.
anyway better go
ta ta for now


Vicki said...

Ooohhhh!!! Gill sending you big (((((((hugs))))))) and everything is crossed for you, your mum and your family. Think possitive, but I know imaginations take over and that can be hard to control. Your son sounds like a smashing young man, wish him all the best with the fundraising, what a great night that should be can't wait to see the pics. Take care Gill, my thoughts are with you xxxxxxxvicki

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Oh, Gill! I'm sending big positive happy vibes your mom's way. Yes... staying positive and confidents is so hard! Big (((hugs))) to you! I hope for good news and am keeping my fingers crossed for her.

I love U2! It was my very first live concert around my 17th birthday... Joshua Tree.

My goodness... your son and his friends are quite the bunch, aren't they. Post pics! Would love to see!

Hang in there, Gill!

Veronica said...

oh I am so sorry, I know it stinks when you or someone you love is sick. I am sending you virtual hugs. I love all your cards they are beautiful!!! welcome we are so glad you are here with us

Carolina said...

Gill, you and your mom will be in my thoughts. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does turn out to be a silly cyst. Huge HUGS!

Your book sounds adorable and a wonderful project to keep your mind/thought occupied, please try to takes, we'd all love to see them!

So funny you mention the cricut, because I have such a love-hate relationship with mine. I seem to go through so many blades, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong...any tips?

Hope you have a productive weekend with your books!

SBS11 Sister

Toni said...

Hi, Gill -- I think you're very right to do all the tests you can, get an early diagnosis, whatever. My mother is a 3-year breast cancer survivor and it was early detection that made all the difference. Beautiful thoughts being send to you and your Mom -- also very happy for you that you got all your eyelets sorted, poor thing! (smile)

Andria aka prairie mom said...

I hope all goes well with your mom, and that it is just a silly cyst!
I just changed my blog over to typepad. Would you mind updating my link (Andria) on the SBS 11 sisters on your blog? Thanks

jo said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for your Mum and sending you both hugs.

Karen said...

Hope things go well for your mom this week. I know several breast cancer survivors too though so try not to get down if it is that. What a fantastic thing for Ian to do!

Veronica said...

Have you heard anything yet? good thoughts are still your way