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Thursday, 28 February 2008

messing about

yes my blog is changing
decided to have a play around as haven't got my blog as i want it yet and as i am still learning about all this blog stuff it may take some time

keep visiting though i am still posting as normal it's just you may find it changes colour and things move about a bit so you are not imagining it it's me messing about

feeling a bit fed up i think it's worrying about mom and my back is so painful at the moment i am taking a lot of pain relief that makes me feel a bit low too so to cheer myself up i'm having my hair cut and coloured today perhaps i'll have it coloured to match my blog haha

see you later


Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Oh! I'm sorry to hear about your back. Nothing worse than feeling out of sorts like that on top of everything else going on. Keep stretching - it helps. Heat/ice it too. Love the colors of your blog. It will come together. Labor of love. Hang in there, friend! Always thinking of your mum. Hoping every day brings a new day of smiles and laughter to you both. ((hugs))

Carla said...

Are you going to post a pic of your new hairdo? I want to see it! How is your back today? Better, I hope. Thanks for the help on the slide show, I'm going to try and add one sometime soon!