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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

moms results

well picked up moms results from the breast clinic today
it is what they thought a hormone receptive cancer
in an ideal world they would do breast surgery and radio therapy and follow that up with the hormone therapy
but as mom is so unwell already this isn't really an option
but on the possitive side the cancer is hormone receptive so that will allow them to try to either shrink or at least keep it at bay with hormone therapy
so they have started her on this therapy today
they reckon that with some people it can be very succesful in shrinking the tumour quite dramatically
they won't know how succesful it will be until the give it go
just hope now that the therapy suits her and does it's job if it does she could carry on her life without the tumour affecting her life
if it doesn't work well we will have to deal with that as and when but not thinking about that until we have to
as long as she doesn't have to suffer any more from either the cancer or the treatment that is all that is important to me now
so fingers crossed yet again that the treatment allows her to get on with her life as best she can
bye for now


Toni said...

Small steps, positive thoughts, that's all you can do ... except maybe rent some DVD's you find particularly hilarious and watch them with your Mom and family ... laughter really does do a body good! Thinking of you all!

Veronica said...

I am so hoping that something works and your mom gets the treatment she needs. My prayers are with you and your mom

Carla said...

Gill, just wanted to LYK that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I know how hard it is to watch you mother suffer.

jo said...

Thinking of you both Gill. I really hope the treatment helps your Mum. xx

Vicki said...

Hiya Gill, So sorry for not getting in touch sooner. I agree with Toni, think positive, take things day by day. It is good that tumor is reseptive to this treatment, I have everything crossed for you and your mum. Take care Gill, love and best wishes to you and yours xx vicki xx