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Thursday, 6 March 2008

an award

surprised to find out i have been nominated for "a make my day" award by vikki a SBS sister and docraft buddy.
really chuffed never been nominated for anything before so thank you vikki i don't know how i have made your day but thanks any way
i understand that i have to nominated 5 people who have made my day too which won't be easy as so many wonderful crafty blogs around
so here goes

thanks to all you ladies for inspiring me with your wonderful work and exciting blogs


Toni said...

Ooooh, you wicked little wench!!! Thanks for the award - I Love it! I'm gobsmacked (ha! did I use that word right?)

Toni said...

Gilly Gilly, I forgot to say to please please please email me your address!

Karen said...

Thank you Gill. That's made my day !

Carolina said...

Thanks for the award! You are too sweet to think of me...doing the happy dance now!