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Friday, 14 March 2008

just a quickie

hi just a quicky to say thanks for all the great comments on the 60th card really appreciate them
we have been away since monday had a break at centre parcs came back this afternoon
so hopefully some crafting may be done tomorrow.
have had to rest my back up today after journey but its not as bad as it sometimes is after a journey so hopefully will get a swim tomorrow and do a bit in the craft room fingers crossed
mom has seen the surgeon this week and unfortunately it's a definite no for her having any surgery for the breast cancer so we are having to just go with the hormone therapy and keep our fingers crossed that it does the job for her and keeps it at bay for some people it works very well so hope mom is one of them

anyway sorry nothing to show you all as have been away but there will be something for next week as i have to make my neice a birthday card for this week so will get cracking tomorrow
bye for now


Vicki said...

Hi Gill, I have just noticed via the Do Crafts grapevine that it's your b/day to day. So

Happy b/day to you
Happy b/day to you
Happy b/day dear Gill
Happy b/day to you.

Hope you have a wonderful day, lots of love and best wishes xx vicki xx

Toni said...

Gill, let's BELIEVE that hormone therapy will do what your mother needs.