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Friday, 11 April 2008

SB 11

as a few others have already mentioned SB 11 doesn't seem to be going anywhere so i too am coming out of it
i will still visit most peoples blogs as love to see what you are all up to so nothing will change there
it's a shame but the possitive thing is we have all made a new friend or two so something good has come out of joining
hope you all will still keep popping by as love to hear from you


Jenn said...

ohh that is spooky!!! (LOL)!!! I will still visit you!!! Love your work!!! :D

Vicki said...

hiya gill, isn't it a shame how our group hasn't worked out like the others seem to. After seeing yours and Jenns post today I too have decided to leave. Been thinking about it for a while now. Will keep in touch with some of the sistahs for definate. Take care gill, speak soon xx vicki xx

nessy said...

sorry to hear your not happy with your sbs group ~some groups do seem to take a lot of work, and not all members take part!!
there are some that work!!
wish i was in a group with you and vicki!!( have to improve my card making skills though)
vanessa xx