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Thursday, 15 May 2008

more books

forgot to show you the books i made last week they are mix of sizes the largest being about 8"x6" and the smallest 3.5"x3.5"
some have envelopes as pages and some are made like a notebook and the one with abc on front is an address/phone book
there is also a little folded photo holder too made with 12x12 paper
love the zutter so easy to use and such fun have more ideas swimming around so hopefully if my arm and back hold out might make some more over the next week
right that is really it now for this week
catch you all again soon


nessy said...

how many gilly??? wow just a few ,you really have been busy!!
they are all fantastic ,and all so very different!! as always your work is delightful!!
vanessa xx
ps thanks for dropping by,on my blog ,guess you read about aaron?? did you find your son ,got picked on alot??? what`s the answer??

Vicki said...

These are fab Gill, I see your putting your new toy to good use!!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed that your sons meds go well and he stays fit free to be able to have driving lessons. all the very best to you all Gill (((hugs))) xx vicki xx

Karen said...

These are fab Gill. Got a BIA on my wish list so very envious!