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Sunday, 1 June 2008

Bella Bella and more Bella + DCWV

my bella stamps arrived last week after waiting over 2 months
the first parcel has never been seen but stamping bella resent the parcel and that arrived in 12 days mind you i did get done by customs and had to pay a fee gggrrr

so i've gone a bit mad today (had to use my arm brace still though as tendoitis still hasn't gone but never mind) used some of the patterened cards from the DCWV tsv from qvc and stamped all the bellas in one go had a colouring session and made up some simple cards so i have a sample of each stamp
wanted to keep the cost down to under £1 as might sell that at my cousin's childrens school then i can give them a cut of the price and still just cover my costs it will put a bit of money into the school fund i hope that's if they will let me sell them hope so as i make no profit but have fun and they will make a bit of each card it all adds up doesn't it

right so here they are hope you like them
wait for it there are quite a few


Laurel said...

You've got some great Bella cards going on there!

Carolina said...

Well it was worth the wait cause you made some amazing Bella cards!

Jenn said...

Wow you have been super busy with the Bella cards!!! They are just FABULOUS!!! :D