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Friday, 13 June 2008

i have set myself a challenge

right what's this challenge then i hear you ask

the challenge is to use every stamp or stampset i have and make a card with each one

yes i know i'm mad but i was looking through some of my stamps the other day and it's amazing how many of them just sit gathering dust but when you get them out you really enjoy using them again

so as from yesterday i am going to work my way through them bit by bit and also make myself use up the paper in my scrap draw too which again is sitting there doing nothing when it should be being used up

i will use every mounted stamp as a seperate image but the ones that are in sets like woodware etc i shall class each set as one stamp

if any of you want to join me in this mad challenge please do
let me know if you are joining as i would love to see what you are up to
i will try and load some pics tonight of the cards that i have made today and yesterday so you can see that i have already got started
hope some of you decided to join me in this as it should be fun
bye for now


Emma said...

Gill...brilliant idea...and fantastic cards....count me in!!
I'll link back to your blog when I have my cards up. Thanks for this,x

Carla said...

Not only will I try to do this, but I am also going to get rid of probably 45% of my stamps. We just moved, and I just don't have the room! I always use the same ones over and over again anyway! I need to purge!!

caroline said...

cant believe this...a challenge i similarly set myself,ive had a sort out of my craft stash and thought id stamp all my stamos to re-call what images i many i forgot,,,so i then thought well if im going to mess them by inking and stamping once(so ive a copy to glance at)id also stamp a few extra times and make some things up with starnage as also think i might of recently browsed some of your work on a forum...destined to see your work i guess lol