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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

proud mom alert!!!!!!!!!!

oh i am so chuffed
ian has passed his course at college
it was his first year on a mainstream course as most of you know he has AS so most of his schooling and the first part of his college was in the special needs dept mind you saying that he did get his maths and science GCSE at the special school they were great there they really encouraged the kids to do well where they could nice logical subjects suit ian down to the ground
last year he decided he was ready to move in to the main college and they have been great and supported him well
so he was able to pass his OCR foundation in business and ICT
he got
1 pass
2 merits and

SO PROUD OF HIM can't stop grinning

so it's on the the BTEC next year
would never of thought he would be doing this 5 years ago
dreaded him leaving school going into the big wide world
so any of you with kids going through their teens with AS (the worst time ever)keep going they can do it they just take that bit longer keep fighting their corner it's worth it
ian is probably doing what most kids would be doing at 16 and he's nearly 21 but who cares how long it takes he has his life ahead of him
right i'll go and carry on grinning


Jane said...

WOW WTG for your DS, what a huge accomplishment, no wonder your proud and quite rightly so too!

Emma said...

Oh Gill this is fantastic news!! It actually brought tears to my eyes. Tell him a HUGE well done from all of us...and don't forget that you have played a massive part in this as hugs to you to babe. Can't stop grinning now...its so lovely to hear of success. Hugs Emma.x

nessy said...

this is fantastic news gilly!! hope you are all still smiling!! well done ian!!
gives us mums out there with children with AS ,such hope ~it can be done ~ just one step at a time!!
hugs to you all ,(maybe a hand shake to ian) vanesssa xx

Chrissy said...

Well done to him :-D and of course you because I am sure you have given loads of support so both of you can be proud together :-D ChrissyX

Laurel said...

You have every reason to be proud, congrats to him!

Vicki said...

oh wow Gill that is THE best news, you've every right to be a proud mum. Huge congrats to Ian, what fantastic results. xx vicki xx