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Saturday, 9 August 2008

long time no see

seems like ages since i have been blogging been a bit up and down with my back etc not really been in the mood

anyway i have just finished my prototype occasions book so thought i would show you some pics

the book is meant as a gift and holds 6 double sided pages with pouches ( used k and co papers) to hold a card in each
there is a also a pouch on the inside of the front and back of the book and a little envelope for stamps

i will also make a large tag for each page to jot down who's birthday is when

as the book is a bit tight with the cards in i have added a pocket to the back of the cover of the book and slotted all the envelopes in there

when i make the next one i will make the cover slightly larger as i think it looks a bit odd as it is needs to overlap pages a little more
i have used the largest wires that i have with the B~I~A and they just cope with the 6 double pages plus cards thank goodness
i have made the card quite open cards used the CB quite a bit as you can make cheap cards look more expensive so can keep the price down
hope you like the design let me know what you think


nessy said...

wow gilly ~they are fantastic ~ and what a wonderful idea!!
glad to see you back crafting!!
vanessa xx

Emma said...

Would you like my address so you can send this to me!?! LOL! Gill its really scrummy and its nice to see you again! Hugs Em.x