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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

sooooper doooooper news

i went to the pain clinic last week and saw this new pain specialist who comes every fortnight.
she did a really good history and examination and has offered me the option of trying the botox injections in my muscle trigger points in my back and buttocks
as most of my pain seems to be kicked off by muscle spasm she is hoping that the botox relaxes the muscle enough to allow me to do more before the spasm takes over
it's not a cure unfortunately but they can last up to 6 months they can take up to 3 weeks to work but as she says it will allow me to exercise more so strengthening my back which in turn will help the muscles cope
she says sometimes when someone has an event like lifting injury etc the back goes into spasm to protect itself but then forgets to come out of spasm so it's now continually going into spasm for no good reason and these jabs may help break the cycle if it works i will be followed up with physio etc to teach the muscles to relax again
quite excited about it but trying to keep my head straight just in case they don't work and even if they do i will have to have the repeated and there is a limit to how many you can have but as i say they just might give me that window to get my strength back
they will do them under xray (they are quite painful apparently as the muscle they are after is very deep but i don't care if they do their job) when examining me it was really strange she just pressed into the muscle on the left side and it just felt like someone pressing hard in my buttock but when she did it on the right i nearly shot of the bed and it was that reaction she was looking for apparently there were several areas that caused this to happen and caused the referred leg pain too so sounds promising
there is another option to compliment this or use on it's own if these down work which is electro acupuncture
so all in all i came away feeling really positive
sorry for waffling on but and so excited
neil says i will have a young bum cheek and a 45 year old bum cheek when they have finished with me but don't think it works quite like that as you don't smile with your bum do you lol

anyway back to crafting i have made a 21st card for lyns daughter and am so pleased with it so have uploaded some pics for you hope you like it
the card size is A3 folded to A4 so lots of room to work with
as the envelope looked a bit like an office envelope i put a black panel on the front and decorated it


Rachel Webber said...

Really beautiful card - where do you get your card from, I always feel that once you go beyond the A5 card (A4 folded) even the thickest card becomes too thin to support the weight?

So pleased it looks like you may get some relief from your pain - more crafting time, yay!!!

Ana Baird said...

Elegant and gorgeous card Gill!

Karen said...

Could tell you were excited from the message you left me: Hope it all goes well for you :) Great to get someone who is prepared to take on moving things forward with your back.

You have been making lots of lovely things: I esp love the footie decoupage and the notebooks, also the vintage images: Great cards.

Keep in touch

nessy said...

wonderful news gilly ~lets hope it works and in the near future you will be pain free!!
very elegant card ~gorgeous
vanessa xx

Crafty Wanderings said...

Classy colours on the card!

Hoping you will be more pain-free soon!

Left you something on my blog!
Ruth x

Jamie Martin said...

Really great card. Hope the botox helps your back!

Jane said...

Fingers crossed that your treatment is successful, as a fellow back pain suffer {mines arthritis} I know how important this is to you! I will watch out for further updates. I did LOL reading about the bum cheeks LOL
Your cards as always are a pleasure to look at!

Carla said...

The card is awesome, but the health news is even better! I hope it works!!

Vicki said...

Hiya Gilly

Firstly so sorry I've not visited your blog for such a long time, but what great news, I really hope the Botox works for you as I know who much you've suffered with your back, keeping everything crossed for you. xx vicki xx

Ana Baird said...

Hi Gill! Just popping in to say hi. Hope you're keeping well! take care.

jo said...

Hope you'll be pain free soon Gill!

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Terrific card, Gill! Good to hear you've found someone who can help you find some relief. I have yet to find help for my sciatica. We're looking into accupressure. Keep up on the updates on this. I've been curious about the botox... though not too keen on the bum shots.

Carolina said...

What a beautiful card and such amazing news. I hope everything goes well with this new treatment! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!