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Friday, 10 October 2008

hi there long time no see

hi all
sorry haven't been around much
my back has been awful can't wait for those botox jabs got my appointment for novemeber 20
mom is not at all well they have had her in hospital to give her iron infusions as he blood is very low but i doesn't seem to have made the difference they were hoping for so i think it's a blood transfusion next they say it's the cancer affecting the blood as well as the drugs she is on
mom has 2 stomas and they wear her out too she has no bladder and little working bowel so has the stomas to deal with everyday and they often get her up in the night too as they don't work as well as some folks stomas as there wasn't much bowel left to work with so all in all she is going through the mill again
she is very weak at the momemt and over night she has started with another infection so been a worrying time
ian has been having bouts of anger and been going off on one quite a lot which isn't that unusual with aspergers but this has been more than is normal for ian but we have been raising his epilepsy drugs to see if we can catch the small seizure activity as he wants to learn to drive and they think it's the drugs that have caused the emotional our bursts as his epilepsy comes from the temporal lobe where our emotions stem from so we are hoping now his drugs are levelled out he will settle i think he seems better in the last week so fingers crossed

other than that lot i am fine lol
i have been doing some crafting on and off but only finished the projects a couple of days ago
i have been making 2 memory books for my cousins daughter and her friend as they are having a joint birthday party and it's the last one at the primary school so i thought it might be nice for them to record their day
also made 3 cards to go with them too
quite pleased with them but more importantly my cousin is thrilled with them an i was making them for her so that's good
they are both 11 on their birthdays but the friend is 11 going on 30 so i have made hers with urban rhapsody papers
harriet is a typical 11 so her's is more girly again i used k and co but used sparkly sweet as suited her better
i have decorsated them all through but only took pics of a couple of the pages to give you an idea
i have put them both an envelope with extras and journalling tags etc in so they can have a ball with them when they put their photos in
right that's all from me at the moments hope you like the photos am going to go and have a look at all you blogs now as just haven't been for a nosey for ages
take care


nessy said...

so glad to see you back ~sounds like your life is like mine at the moment!! one thing after another!!
aaron has kicked off so many times lately!! and i`ve been for more blood tests today ......when will it ever end??
can see you have been busy ~wonderful work gilly (even with all the back pain)
hugs to you all , vanessa xx
ps ~ see on crissy`s blog you are heading down to lyme for your hols next year ~just a thought ~how about we all meet up??? ~aaron loves the dino hunting as well!!!

Karen said...

Wow Gill - You are coping with a lot at the moment! Glad to see you posting again - The books and cards are lovely. I have just bought myself a BIA and some wires so I can't wait to do some mini-albums of some sort. Bro-in-law's 40th at end of this month is my first aim.
Glad to say my thyroid tablets have kicked in and I'm feeling a lot better now although I've got another blood test next week to check the dose is right.

Jamie Martin said...

Hi Gill, sorry to hear you and your family are going through such difficult times!
On a happier note your cards and book are wonderful, glad to see you back :)

Veronica said...

wow, honey you sure have a lot to deal with. I hope and pray that everything gets better for you and for your mom. your books are beautiful. hugs V

Vicki said...

oh Gill sounds like your going through so much at the mo. Roll on the botox injections next month in the hope that they ease your back problems. I also hope the medication helps Ian with his Aspergers, also wish all the very best to your mum, life certainly has a way of throwing everything at you all at once.

You certainly have been busy, what amazing creations, your books are truly beautiful, must have taken you ages. I've just got a BIA and have made a couple of books am really enjoying my new toy.

Take care Gill, (((hugs))) xx vicki xx

gina said...

Sorry to hear about all of your troubles, hope they ease for you soon.
Great cards and memory books, love the papers you use on them
Gina xxx

jo said...

Sorry to hear about all that is happening at the moment Gill.

Love your books -can't wait to play with my bind-it-all when it arrives! xx

joey said...

Hiya, just saw your blog on the thread on docrafts, thought i would pop by, your birthday book is fantastic and your cards are beautiful.x

Carla said...

These are both truly spectacular projects, I know the girls will treasure them for years!!

I am sorry things have been so rough for you lately! I think you need a RAK! Would you send me your address?