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Friday, 24 October 2008

if you want to follow me

hi i have added a follow my blog widget thing in the side bar so if you fancy following my blog by all means do so
hope it's working if it's not will you let me know


Chrissy said...

LOL, I am there..........:)

Chrissy said...

Hi Gilly, thanks for your comment. To follow anyone when you get into you dashboard screen, just scroll down and you will see there is a Blogs I am following tab. When you click "add", you can simply add them in by their URL. Once you get it going it doesn't take too long. Get back to me if you struggle....

Ruth - Crafty Wanderings said...

Of course I want to follow! I'm there!
Ruth x

nessy said...

yes gilly i`m here ~hope you can follow me as well ~been having big problems with mine!!! fingers crossed you`ll be able to join my followers!!
vanessa xx
hope all is well with you ~will e-ail you over the half term ~had big meeting with the school