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Saturday, 28 February 2009

couple of new cards

only a couple of cards this week i'm affraid as still paying for my day out last weekend my back is still playing up but it is going the right way it will settle if i don't aggravate it by sitting too long
anyway here are the cards
one is for my friends son in law he used to live in australia and loves surfing
and the other is for my best friend lyn
hope you like them
i am going to try and get around your blogs as been having loads of trouble with my lappy keep loosing connection all the time it's driving me mad it's ok now but can't say how long it will last it just keeps dying on me then won't let me back in until it has had a rest for a few hours stupid thing i have given it a stern talking too but doesn't seem to have helped
catch you all again soon


nessy said...

stunning card gilly ~ sure they will be loved ~sorry your back is still stopping you from sitting for long ~take care
vanessa xx

Michelle said...

Hi Gill
Sorry you're not feeling brill, but it hasn't affected your crafting, brilliant cards, might try a few different card formats myself - a change from plain fold cards.
x Michelle

jo said...

Lovely cards Gill.

I hope both your back and your laptop recover soon xx

Sadie B said...

These are lovely Gill.
Not heard back from you, hope all is well.
Hugs#Sadie xxxx

Kirsten Alicia said...

Terrific cards Gilly. I hope your back improves soon.

Carla said...

Love the folds and all the beautiful details on these! Your cards are ALWAYS keepers!

Chrissy said...

Sorry you are still suffering hun, sounds horrible! I love both of these. I could never be considered very girlie and people would proabably not send me girlie cards but that top card is delightful XX

Karen said...

These are great cards Gill. I especially love the surf card with that shell paper.