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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

latest cards

welcome to any of the docraft crowd that have popped over
went and posted on there last night for the first time in ages and was so pleased to find loads of the oldies are still there and met some lovely new folks too
anyway here are my latest cards
two for amie's 16th and one for my friend lyn choccie based they are 8 inch cards love this size got them from craftworks nice for a special card
have already put these on docrafts so thought i better put them on here too
hope you like them
good news with mom they tested her blood yesterday and it has gone up a bit from the iron infusions she had a couple of weeks ago before the heart problem. they still gave her a smaller transfusion though as it wasn't as good as they wanted it but it's looking good if the iron has made a difference already
this will not keep it there though she will have to have some about every month or so but just hope now it will keep her boosted up for when we take her away in march so she can enjoy the break a bit more so fingers crossed


nessy said...

great cards gilly ~you have been busy!!
i popped over on do~crafts the other day too ~still a few faces/names i remember!!
vanessa xx

Carolina said...

Adorable cards Gilly - special love he fiber on the first!