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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

mom update

hi all
well mom has broken the back of that nasty infection
think it was the quick action of the doc bringing in the rapid response team and giving the antibiotic by IV with the fluids
doc came yesterday and was so pleased to see her awake and a lot more compus metus although she still does wander off now and then and get a bit confused. he still has her on antibiotics but oral now as she can swallow now
he said it will take time to get back to her old self but the main thing now is to eat and drink as much as possible just to build up her strength
we don't need to do the night sits now but have still kept her extra care in the day just to encourage conversation and eating and drinking etc.
so glad that it's all over rather a worrying time
so hopefully i might be able to get a bit of crafting done now and then between resting my back. having a day to myself today will go to moms tomorrow.
hope i will have a new card for you soon
gill x


Shoshi said...

Oh Gill, I'm glad to hear she's over the worst, and that they are taking good care of her. Hope you are not too exhausted. A worrying time indeed!

Sarpreet said...

i am pleased to here she is getting well