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Saturday, 12 February 2011

will be away for a while

mom who is already a very poorly lady has fallen really ill in the last few day she has severe chest infection and just can't fight it off
doc has sent in the rapid response team and they have her on drips etc but we have to have her care covered for 24 hours a day so i'm affraid everything else is on hold at the moment. i am doing most of the nights as for me it's easier as i can't handle her due to my back. at least on the night sit i can  lie on the floor and just bee there for when she needs me the careers do all the other stuff in the day like her bed bath and stoma care etc
neil did a night for me last night so i am just doing 3 hours this evening and start back on night duty on sunday night.

so i hope i see you all soon as that will mean she is on the mend
gill x


Sarpreet said...

wishing you mum all the best health

Shoshi said...

Oh Gill... I really feel for you. I hope everything will be OK. Will be thinking of you!

Jack said...

I will be thinking of you Gill. Take care of yourself and I hope things improve with your Mum. xx

Chrissy said...

Sorry Gill, I know what a worry it all is and I am wishing you all the very best. Take care of yourself too if you can XX

Lin said...

I sincerely hope by now you have some more positive news of your Mum Gill.

Lin xx