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Saturday, 5 April 2008

i'm still here

thought i would just do a little post
i'm still here
had a bad week mom not too well and we have met the cancer nurses for the first time this week and i think it's just sunk in that it's real mom has cancer and is going to have to live with it the best she can, sort of hit home.
my back has been really rough too so have had to rest up again as wanted to go to the U2 tribute gig last night U2UK it was well worth it brilliant night cheered my up a bit think i needed to let my hair down a bit
paying for it today though as flat out on the sofa yet again but if i rest it will settle again
anyway feel better in myself now it was good for mom to be able to talk to the nurses they were very good
just been on viki's blog and she has a challenge going so hopefully if i can get back into the upright position i will have a go at the challenge also need to get the docraft friendship swap done and 2 cards for a couple of folks who are poorly and going through difficult times so want to get them done asap too
i have some pics to show of some notelets that i made for mom and a couple more cards too but the card reader has died a death so can't get them onto my lappy but will put them on as soon as get the thing sorted well when hubby gets it sorted i am useful with machines etc that's his job
been a bit naughty it's all toni's fault as she mentioned bella stamps and when i found what they were like well you know how it is just had to have
toni gave me the web store so just spent rather a lot on some great fun stamps needed them all really but can't afford any more shouldn't have bought these really but hey lifes too short to not have the stamps we need isn't it folks
oh and also ordered another couple of carts for the cricut that i had told myself that i didn't need oh well they can sell all my gear when i die and get some money back haha
right better go before i confess anything else hope hubby doesn't read my blog or i'm in trouble lol
bye for now
be back soon


nessy said...

sorry to hear about your mum gilly!! you really needed to have a good buy of anything crafty -and those bellas are so nice!!
will look forward to seeing the cards (or anything else) you make with your new stamps when they arrive!!
take card , vanessa xx

Sadie B said...

So Gill -what carts have you bought? Mum's the word by the way.

Carolina said...

Sorry to hear about your mom and feel so sad that you have to go through this much pain. You'll be in my thoughts