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Thursday, 20 November 2008

i've been done

hi all

well i'm done well sort of today they didn't botox me they do a pre botox jab to see how you react to it if this helps with the pain then in six weeks they will ring me to see how i have got on and then if it's been successful they will use the same spot and put in the botox

today they put me under xray and used the machine to get the right spot in the psoas muscle they have injected quite near the spine and just under the ribs which seemed strange as my pain isn't there its lower down but she explained that this muscle can cause all the problems that i get as its attached right down the side of your spine over your hip into the top of the leg
it wasn't too bad they froze my back first then went in the spot they chose with a cocktail of steroid and a couple of other things haven't got a clue what they were
i had quite a bit of pain in my leg when the stuff went in and my leg when numb
the pain wasn't too bad to start off with as the anaesthetic kept it at bay but by the time i got home i was ready to lie and rest i have slept all afternoon
my leg is still numb from the knee up and i still find it hard to lift it and i have quite a lot of pain in the leg top buttock, over the hip and up my back on right side but it will be a bit rough for a day or so and the leg weakness is also to be expected so it's just rest take pain killers and wait to see if makes any difference

so looks like no crafting for a couple of days or so
i'm just now keeping my fingers crossed that i get the result they are looking for so i can try the botox after xmas
bit disappointed that they didn't do it today but they have to do it this way just wish they had told me that before i came in but never mind as long as it' works that's the main thing
catch you again soon
bye for now


Ruth - Crafty Wanderings said...

Hope it feels better soon and that you find the answer to your problem...Ruth x

Chrissy said...

Big Hugs to you... well gentle ones anyway, love ChrissyXX

nessy said...

sending you lots of hugs ~i so hope these injections begin work ~look after yourself gilly!
vanessa xx

Ana Baird said...

Hope you're feeling better Gill! sending you lots of hugs

Karen said...

It's a start! Hope it all works for you Gill.

Jamie Martin said...

Hope the shot works for you and hope you feel better soon :)

Carla said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Gill! I'm grateful we're blog friends!

MeandLilG said...

Oh no! No crafting??!! I hope this helps the pain, hun. Very careful hugs to you.. xxx

Jamie Martin said...

Just stopping by to say hi! Hope you are doing well, let us know how you are doing :)