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Thursday, 18 December 2008

hi guys

hi girlies
i am still here just been a bit rough lately
back pain is still bad there was a short period after the jabs where it was a little better but now it's back to it's normal self and i'm finding quite difficult to cope with and feeling really down
been to see docs and councellor and they say that my depression is back so am waiting to get some adivice on treatment
hope to catch up with you all soon just no quite up to it at the moment
if i don't speak to you all have a great xmas and will catch up with you all soon


nessy said...

morning gilly ~so sorry to hear your still having back pain and feeling down ~sending you lots of hugs from poole ~hope you and the family have a lovely xmas.
i promise to keep in touch more!
vanessa xx

Sadie B said...

Hey - what's going on - did you get my email. Oh well at least I now know how you are. Sorry to hear you are still feeling down & so glad that you have been to see someone that is the bravest step.
I am sending you lots of hugs & kisses down the wires & I understand if you don't want to chat, I am here when you do - have a wonderful Christmas & New Year & I will be thinking of you.Sadie xxxxxxxxxx

Chrissy said...

Hey,I wondered where you had been. Sorry you are still having a rough time hun...I do hope you and your have a lovely Christmas XX Hugs

Carolina said...

Oh no, so sorry to hear you're still not 100% Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas.

Karen said...

I can quite understand how it is getting you down Gill. Hope you are feeling brighter after the initial disappointment of the pain returning.
Hope you are all able to enjoy a Happy Christmas together.
Karen xxx

jo said...

Hope you are doing OK Gill and that you had a good Christmas. Sorry I haven't visited for a while as I had flu xx

Ana Baird said...

Hi Gill! Hope you're doing OK. Happy New Year!

Rachel Webber said...

Hope everything is okay with you & the pain gets better.

Jamie Martin said...

Sorry to hear your back pain is as bad as ever. Hope they come up with something to help you.