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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

hi girls

hi there
just a short note to explain my absence
i haven't forgotten you all
just struggling with this stupid depression so not up to much at all at the moment
just started some new meds and feel wretched at the moment so tired and fed up no interest in anything my crafting has come to a halt too tried to have a play today but my mojo has disapeared too at the moment
i will get sorted i know just takes time so will be back as soon as i have something to tell you or show you
happy crafting


nessy said...

hey you ~ sending you big hugs gilly ~it`s hard isn`t it??
one step at a time ~ hope we get together this summer ~ be great to chat
vanessa xx
ps just had appointment through from the hospital today for lewis`s first assessment!! here we go again

Sadie B said...

Always thinking of you Gill I hope you know that.
Hugs Sadie xx

Karen said...

I popped over to see what you were up to and a catch up as I haven't been feeling very sociable lately or blogging much: Just getting back in to it.
Sorry to hear you are still feeling down. I hope the new meds can kick in and give you a boost. Maybe the better weather will help: I know clouds have a silver lining but I prefer a good dose of sunshine myself! Big hugs. Karen xxx

MeandLilG said...

Hey Gill. I know how hard it is .. my hubby is suffering badly (involved with the Crisis Management Team and all that).. so take your time. We're here for you. xxx

Janette said...

Sorry to hear your still feeling down,hope you will soon be on the mend,hugs Janette...akalittle-bo dcer.x

Jamie Martin said...

Hope you fell better and come back soon :)