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Sunday, 19 July 2009

sorry i have been away for so long

hi girlies
i'm so sorry i haven't been around for so long not been feeling too good with one thing and another
just not had much interest in anything much
still struggling along but thought i would blog these cards
i have made them for my MIL 70th so thought i would show you them
i am making an album for her too it's took months due to not feeling on top of the world but it's nearly finished it is made with the same daisy k and co design as the card
will try and get around your blogs whilst i'm here to see what you are all up too
catch you all again soon


Karen said...

Hi Gill
I haven't been motivated to do much lately so popped over to see how you are. These cards are lovely so glad to see you back!
I have to get my mojo back from where it's hiding to do some family cards soon. I would do some summer cards but summer seems to be hiding too!
Take care
Karen x

Caroljenks said...

Hi Gill,

Nice to 'see' you again ;) Sorry you've not been too good.

Love your card - as gorgeous as ever!

'Speak' soon,

Carol x

Chrissy said...

Hi Gill, beautiful card but you always make such lovely ones. Sorry you are not feeling so good and hope this comment finds you a bit improved.
Take care - ChrissyX

Anonymous said...

Well Hello Gill

Long time no see!!
remember me samantha from Cumbria
I have a son with aspergers too!

I have the docraft name samantha and had the cat signature...

Do you remember me?

hugs to you sorry you have not been feeling well great to see you and I found your blog through Carol!! thanks carol hunny! t ehehhee :0)

great cards too! as always :0)