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Saturday, 11 December 2010

last xmas card

right here is my last xmas card hopefully she will have received it now so won't matter if she comes on here
it's for marg she loves her cats so thought it was fitting
hope you like it

as for facebook don't really know if i like it or not i don't like to be too public but if you keep everything private then you can't meet new crafty folks i'll stay on for a few weeks or so and see what i think
but am still going to come on my blog as love to hear from you ladies who pop by now and again so please don't stop coming by as love to hear from you
so here is the card let me know what you think
gill x


jules said...

wow fabulous card!!!!

Sarpreet said...

hi there, this is such a gorgeous card, love it. - THANK YOU so much, I have received all your die cuts - love it. Please email me your address - so i can send you a little something thank you

Karen said...

Gorgeous: Lovely to be able to make a Christmas card and personalise it with the cats at the same time.