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Thursday, 16 December 2010

yeeeaaahhhh a card that isn't a christmas card

made this card a bit early but just fancied having a play with my flower fairy stamps
it's for my cousins daughter who will be 11 so thought it was nice and girly but not too young i think she will like it
as my back in now as rigid as a board as i have been sitting, i think i should lie down for an hour or 2 to help it release a bit before tea time comes around and up the painkillers a bit too as it's killing me again stupid thing.

well are you all done and dusted ready for the big day i am  (did it all online again) except for the last shop for fresh food next week what we haven't got then we can do without
i hate xmas does my head in i think it just amplifies the difference of the haves and have nots we have folks spending humongous amounts of money on their kids who don't appreciate it. and the other end we have folks living on the streets with not even a roof over their heads what a world we live in
i so wish i was fit and well as would love to do voluntary work of some kind. the nearest thing i could do is from this new year any money people give me for making cards for them i am going to give it to charity it's only a small way of helping those worse off than ourselves but it's better than nothing
my son Ian who has asperger syndrome wants to do voluntary work next year when his college course finishes as he's not up to doing a full time job really it would be too stressful for him so he will look for a part time job and in the meanwhile is going to do some voluntary work as he said it will help him as it's practice in his social skills and it will help the people he is working for. so proud of him not once has he used his AS as an excuse not to go to college or do some work of some kind then you have these idle so and so's never done a days work in their lives
god i am having a rant today aren't i. I'll shut up now
and wish you all a merry Christmas just in case i don't come on again until after the big day
you all take care and have a good time where ever you are
take care
gill x


jules said...

oh love the card! gorgeous!! and i wish you all the very best for christmas and the new year!!!x

Sarpreet said...

Such a gorgeous card, fab image and beautiful papers

Karen said...

Another lovely card.
I agree this time of year is about thinking of others not just stuffing our faces and worrying over presents.
I did my annual charity sale of cards in our village again. Not good weather so poor turnout but raised 60€.

nessy said...

oh gill what a pretty card ~gorgeous image!!
wishing you and your family lots of wonderful christmas surprises!!
vanessa and the clan xx