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Sunday, 10 March 2013

hi happy mothers day to all the moms out there
make the most of them while you have them as they are so missed when the are gone. i lost mine just over a year ago and miss her more every day
so if you have your mom still with you tell her you love her.

right on a jewellery note made more bits and bobs so more pics for you
more kumihimo took  my kit on hols last week so made some during my lying down times so relaxing to do when you get the hang of it.
hope you like these. they are all 12 weave again but the first one is a different pattern found on beadsdirect. i love the pattern used on the others which i found on yourtube as it looks like there is cord wrapped around it favourite is the lilac as just love the colours. which is your favourite
gill xx
 this one has alice in wonderland charms on it
 same colours above but using the weave found on youtube love these
same pattern below but using lovely lilacs
 this blues one has no charm added as the galaxy clasp is a feature in itself it gorgeous and a really strong magnetic clasp very useful as well as attractive to look at

1 comment:

Shirley said...

These are fab.
Ive not been in blog land for a long time but im back now and its nice to see you have moved over to jewellery makeing, and doing a grand job to I might add.
I also notice your blinky re your son being autistic. My son is in the spectrum also. its challenging at times, but ever so rewarding at the same time also. as im sure you will agree