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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

more jewellery creations

hi all
been at the beads again so thought i would show you some of the things i have made hope you like them.
i am in the throws of making a pair of earrings made with each semi precious stone i have (do have quite a few just love them) thought it would give folks and idea what each stone is like. they may then decide they want somthing making using that particular stone.
also made some more kumihimo always making that as i can do it lying down which is useful with my stupid back spasms. wish i could get some painkillers that helped the pain without knocking me out i'm either in pain or asleep these days.
anyway here are the pics hope you like





 right that is as many of my semi precious stone earrings i have made so far quite a few more to go most of the above are some kind of jasper it's amazing how many types of jasper there are. more to come in the following weeks.
now for a few necklaces some kumihimo (on the pic at bottom of page on hanger most have bracelets to match) this one made with sodalite is a favourite just love this one looks like sharks teeth

this silver one which i saw the design on beadsdirect seems very popular my friend bought it and everyone is asking where she got it so may get some orders you never know i did make some earrings to go with it but forgot to take pic but they were a glass crystal and a dangly spikey bead looked good together

this one has a hematite disc held on with a silver coloured heart beads are a mix of glass pearls, hematite beads, glass crystals and seed beads love this one

this jewellery hanger gives you some idea of the different types of items i have been making over the last few months i thought it would give people a taster of what is on offer if they wish to purchase anything. just need to price them all up now that's the bit i hate i don't make a profit just like to cover my costs really as it's a hobby i would be making them anyway whether or not i sold them.
 here are a couple of close up pics of some items from the hanger above this is one of my favourites of the kumihimo designs as love the pendant.
right better sign off have others i could show you but i would be here all night must get the tea started.
hope you like my makes so far there will sure be more to come
bye for now
gill x

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